Fifth CW McCoy book launches

Did CW McCoy’s father kill her mother and brother and nearly take her life? The question has haunted the former detective for nearly thirty years. When friend and mentor Walter Bishop discovers that police have arrested a suspect, CW reluctantly revisits her roots to uncover the hard truth about her family—no matter the cost.

Confronted by hostile sources and a city ravaged by a string of arsons, CW questions everything she’s come to believe about that night. Did her father commit the crime, or was he framed? Did he disappear, or was he murdered? And what about her own history with conflict? Does the family’s violent streak run in her veins, too?

In her fifth outing (after Permanent Vacation), CW rushes headlong into her most troubling case, one that will change her life forever. With Burning Man, she faces the greatest challenge of all—coming to terms with a past that continues to blaze.

Burning Man is available through bookstores and online at Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.


Jeff Widmer is the author of the CW McCoy and the Brinker series of crime novels, as well as Born Under a Bad Sign, a novel of the Woodstock era, and several works of nonfiction.


Praise for Jeff Widmer

CW is a great character. Widmer easily brings the town of Spanish Point and its colorful cast of characters to life. An entertaining mystery romp.

Kirkus Reviews

A writer who knows how to put the reader in the action is a rare thing. Jeff Widmer does it with every character and every scene.

— Anna Schmidt, The Peacemakers

Jeff Widmer takes you on a wild ride in the murderous tour bus in a uniquely dark and twisted story that touches on euthanasia, addiction, greed, sex, and more. And then there’s Brinker. . . .

— Louise Machinist, My House Our House

Reading Jeff Widmer’s novels is like gliding on Hans Brinker’s silver skates—the writing is smooth and sharp, with a cutting edge throughout.

— Screenwriter Michael Downend